My Life, My Stories: Creative Writing Mentoring Project 2016-2017

This year, the Creative Writing Mentoring project will publish an anthology ‘My Life, My Stories’ with students from a variety of London schools being encouraged to get students to write about the stories that are important in their lives, the stories they tell about their lives. The video above explains the main points (please ignore the deadline at the end of the video, all submissions must be emailed to by mid-June 2017). The anthology will contain the following topics:

  • Words I will never forget
  • Belonging
  • My favourite objects
  • Reminders
  • When it all kicked off
  • My earliest memory
  • I wish I could return
  • Stories my family loves to tell
  • I’ll always be grateful to…

You can download the PowerPoint for Phase 1 here: first-steps-introduction-and-first-exercise

You can downloaded the PowerPoint for Phase 2 here: next-steps-write-about-belonging

My Dreams, My World: London schools and Goldsmiths Creative Writing Anthology



What happens when 14-year-olds across London are encouraged by postgraduate students at Goldsmiths, University of London, to pursue creative writing outside the curriculum? This is the result – an outpouring of ideas, memories, thoughts, fears, certainties, doubts and dreams expressed in a mash-up of styles, from first-person confessional to poems, gothic fantasy to absurdist humour, rap to reportage. Beloved pets, troublesome siblings, fantasy quests and painful dislocations spill out from these pages. As the certainties of home life blur into an unknown future, stories of playground spats take place alongside abductions and brutal murders. But for every dark dream there is a celebration of friendship, tolerance, the beauty of the world and our potential for growth and change. Moving, funny, assertive, reflective, revealing and raw, this writing will take you to the heart of what matters to a generation whose voices are not often heard.

A video made by students who wrote pieces for the anthology can be viewed here.